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Where is the data?

Decision making is a critical aspect of governance. Similar to an organization, a government’s impact is determined by the speed and effectiveness of its decision. Decision making is a skill that makes or breaks leaders in organizations and governments. Given the plethora of variables that government, even at a city level, has to consider while

Raise the bar after flattening the curve

I am confident that you have heard the phrase “flatten the curve” when it comes to Covid-19 numbers. If you haven’t, read this article. The point is that there is only so much hospital capacity that each city/country has and if we too many people want to use it at the same time, it won’t be

City Priority 3: Heritage and Tourism

This is the third article in a series of articles about City Priorities. If you haven’t read, please go through City Priority 1: Affordable Housing and City Priority 2: Waste Management. The main question that we are exploring is “What does the BJP government need to prioritize in Ahmedabad for this term?” We are going

City Priority 1: Affordable Housing

A few months ago, BJP scrapped through the Gujarat state elections. It means that unless something dramatic happens, Gujarat will have a BJP government in the state till 2022. It means that at that time, the state would have been under BJP rule for close to three decades! There have been a lot of discussions