About Us


Ahmedabad First will be a platform where genuine ideas for improvement of the city are put forward and discussed. It will be a space where citizens will come together to collectively brainstorm solutions to our problems and take responsibility of doing their bit for the city.

Why Ahmedabad First?

Ahmedabad is one of the Top 7 cities in India and is increasingly growing in size both in terms of population and area. It is very important that it avoids all the traps that other bigger cities in the country have fallen into while they grew.

Ahmedabad First is build so that citizens of the city can come up come together and help in creating a better city. It is to bring together people in the city to take responsibility of improving the current reality of the city.

Ahmedabad First is a platform to share challenges and ideas about making Ahmedabad a better place to live. We believe that if even 10% of the citizens work passionately towards making the city better, it will reap huge rewards in the future.


You can email us at contact.ahmedabadfirst@gmail.com