My community, my problems.

[This is written by Musrifa who is Grade 6 student in IQRA School, Ahmedabad. It was first published in her school newspaper named ‘IQRA Times.’ ]

A society that believes in corruption/favoritism at every level, will only produce corrupt leaders. The three main problems of India as of now are—

1. Corruption—The first problem is corruption or favoritism. The ways to solve this problem would be to change people’s ideas/ attitude about corruption. Sticker laws, punishments can help, but these are not sufficient. We know that corrupt society will find ways to bypass rules/laws. I think that the way to solve this disease of corruption is to change people’s ideas or attitudes towards it. In India many people have their attitude that if some work can be easily done by giving money then why not, or people also think that if someone is doing it why should we stop them. So that is why we will have to change the thoughts and attitude towards corruption. We
can make laws, and punishments for them; it may help. But I opine that these are not sufficient. I think that it can be changed only if people want to stop it and take actions for it.

2. Economic Independence—Each and every person in our society should be economically independent, especially women. That will prevent subjugation and crimes (esp. against women). Though we have come a long way in educating girls and in cities women equal men in work force. But in small towns and villages women are not given equal rights to work. We need more ‘SHG’ (self help group) for women in rural areas that will impart skills and a dependable income stream for them.

3. Neighborhood Cleanliness— We have more cleanliness experts in our homes/offices but when it comes to neighborhood, we start neglecting as we don’t get respect for that. We notice excessive waste that gets accumulated around waste—bins and empty plots being used as dump yard. First we must make sure that there are enough bins in the area, the corporation should appoint a coordinator who can message the authorities when the bins are full. These coordinators can also check if people are using the bins or not, after checking it they can report to the seniors and some penalties or punishments can be given to those people. I also think that there should be more awareness program to be created for people like ‘nukkad natak’ (street play), rally etc.

Thus these are the major problems along with many other problems in India.


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