Introducing the Scribbler Project

Have you ever been in a situation when a child around you has done something which has pushed your thinking about how to react in that situation?

Has a child ever said something to you that seemed like profound wisdom?

Has a child ever presented a solution to a problem that seemed obvious after you heard it but was something that you would have never thought on your own?

All this has happened to a lot of us and it is not rare. Children practice lateral thinking right from their childhood. It somehow gets numbed out once they are forced to comply with societal norms on ‘how to think’. It is a shame that children of the country are not given enough importance and their voices remain unheard.

We wanted to change that. We wanted children to have a platform through which children of the country can share their views, their ideas, their solutions and also their dreams with the world. Adults make so many decisions on a daily basis which impact the future lives of children. It is time children got a larger say in how our city and our country are governed. It is time they get a chance to prove that they don’t need to be ‘protected’ from the world but rather they need to be exposed to the world so that their ideas and views can benefit a larger audience.

With that in mind, we are happy to launch ‘The Scribblers Project’



Amplifying the voices of children in the country towards making cities sustainable in the long run.


  • Teach children how to articulate their thoughts on various topics through different mediums.
  • Nurture a problem solving approach or mindset in children.
  • Provide opportunities to them to share their views with a larger audience both online and offline.

We are currently focusing on four types of articles from students:

  1. Suggesting solutions to problems
  2. Opinions on issues of urban governance
  3. Interviews with people who help run the city
  4. Actual reporting of events from a child’s lens

We are going to publish some of the articles that students write on this website which can be foundĀ here.

If you know of students who would like to contribute articles to the website or would like to know more about the project, please email us at Anyone below the age of 18 can contribute articles.


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